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We have been selling pressed flowers for many years. During that time two long-standing UK suppliers have retired. Does that say more about the fact that pressing flowers has - up until recently - been a dwindling craft in the UK, or does it say more about how long we've been in business?


Luckily pressed flower crafts are experiencing a resurgence! Here are some things you can use them for:

  • Cardmaking
  • Wedding invitations in particular
  • Resin jewellery
  • Collages and art
  • Herbarium specimens
  • Framing - try using a floating frame in a window
  • Decorating phone covers
  • Adding to confetti petals

Daisy Gifts Ltd director Ruth has been pressing flowers for many years for her blog at, so when our second supplier retired, she thought it would be better to keep it in-house.


We are now proud to offer our own UK pressed flowers to buy.



buy pressed flowers uk

We have a wide range of UK blooms and leaves now available - here is a selection but the rangle is constantly changing due to availability and new ideas. They are always road-tested before sale.

buy pressed flowers dried in uk

Left to right above are:


  • Violas in pale lavender and ivory from a rangle of purples, yellows and oranges.
  • Potentilla in pink, also in a range of colours including white, red and yellow.
  • Tagetes - these are little marigold flowers that also sometimes come in orange.

Here are some more

uk pressed flowers natural dried

Top row L-R:

  • More violas!
  • Monarda florets - these look like little flamingos and come in shades of pink.
  • Ammi florets - these are a member of the carrot family of umbels. ​

Bottom row L-R:


  • Forget-me-nots - we grow as many of these blue blooms as we can but always sell out so buy early from May onwards!
  • Corydalis trumpets are very unusual.
  • Roses - we have pale pink and red varieties and sometimes pressed petals too.

More pressed leaves and blooms

Also on our list from time to time are:


  • Rosemary leaves and other herbs
  • Rose leaves
  • Fern leaves
  • Verbena
  • Fennel umbels
  • Lobelia and others
pressing fennel blooms

The above image and the one at the top of the page show fennel being picked to press and pack.

Sorry here are some blooms we can't help with

These include:


  • Bluebells - we get asked for these quite a lot but the colour fades unfortunately!
  • Anything large or fleshy - it will just squish!
  • Personal projects - we sometimes get asked to press a wedding bouquet for example - there are specialist floral preservation companies for this.

A note about imported pressed flowers

We do import some packs to fill out our range - these are the ones without the UK in the title. However we tend to stick to natural blooms that have not been dyed as these can be so variable. Pressing our own flowers also means that we have something unusual to offer, that no-one else has (for example the flamingos and trumpets above!).

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