spring flower arrangement

About seasonality in dried flowers

Select Dried flowers for the current season:

  • Spring brights - lively and vibrant blooms with lots of natural greens. Scroll down the page for more about spring.
  • Summer exotics - try hot colours and unusual tropical foliage such as palm leaves for home decor. Wedding season - think dry florals for natural bouquets, decorations or biodegradable petal confetti.
  • Autumn - think warm reds, oranges and golds. Harvest - seed pods and grasses. Halloween - add drama with black and purple. Bonfire night - the colours of autumn foliage. Cosy homes with a focus on home decor as we all spend longer inside.
  • Winter - Christmas spice and home fragrance bring a homely feel. Use reds, greens and golds for warm home decor arrangements.


drying summer flowers
autumn dried flowers
christmas botanicals in winter

Dried flowers - Seasonal

The seasonal images of dry blooms above show:


  • Spring bouquets in pale pinks and fresh greens.
  • Summer favourites such as Sunflowers, Gypsophila and Billy Buttons hanging up to dry in our workshop.
  • Rich autumn colours - orange Carthamus.
  • Winter and Christmas botanicals - cinnamon sticks and orange slices.

Buy dried flowers for seasonal interest

Director Ruth loves sourcing seasonal dry florals from around the UK and further afield, so do check out our changing range of her favourites for the time of year!


Pressed florals are a little capsule of the moment, especially evocative of spring and summer. 




Check out our increasingly popular natural Dry bunch and stem range for home decor and arranging. Filter by colour or type to reflect the mood of the month.




For more inspiration see what dry plants are New In.

Floral inspiration through the seasons

spring violas for pressing

Spring dried flowers

Spring is a time of optimism and promise so it's great to be able to choose dry blooms and botanicals for home decor and bouquets that reflect this.


At daisyshop Spring starts with Valentines Day in February, moves right on to Mothers Day in March, then Easter which is usually in April, and all the time nature is becoming more and more abundant around us.

dry roses for valentines day
pussy willow spring home decor
dyed grass stems spring colours

Seasonal images of Spring blooms above:


  • Violas ready for pressing - we make many pressed flowers in our own workshop including Violas, Forget-me-not, Cherry blossom and other spring favourites.
  • Bouquet of dry red roses - Roses and the colour red are synonymous with Valentines Day. But Mothers Day follows soon after. Why not tone it down for Mum with a bouquet in pastels and spring green?
  • Natural Pussy willow stems aka Salix caprea are a more understated celebration of spring. Display a few stems in a vase for home decor.
  • Dyed flowers and grasses in vibrant colours reflect the joy of a new season - the renewal of Easter is often celebrated with primary colours and brights.

Buy dry blooms for spring interest


Spring and spring cleaning go hand in hand, and Lavender is a fragrance synonymous with cleanliness:


  • Try fragrant dried lavender in little bags for cupboards and drawers.
  • Make or buy lavender potpourri to freshen up the house.
  • Citrus home fragrance oils such as Lemon, Lime or Orange add a clean zing and are great for kitchens and bathrooms.


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Coming soon - summer, autumn and winter inspiration.


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Spring cleaning - Lavender and fresh fragrances