Glassine bags - UK made glassine envelopes and paper bags for confetti petals

glassine bag uk confetti petals

Small glassine bags for a handful of petals

We have a friendly UK glassine bag manufacturer who supplies little envelopes perfect for natural wedding confetti petals! Made  from renewable cellulose, glassine envelopes and sachets are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Similar to waxed paper, glassine has a naturally greaseproof finish without the need for a coating. They are translucent which means the confetti can be seen through the paper giving a pretty effect.

confetti sachet glassine

Our smallest glassine sachets are only 75mm across and 100mm long, perfect for just a handful of confetti.


They would need to be sealed using a sticker and come in packs of 10, 100 or 500.


The paper envelope shown left contains small burgundy rose petal confetti which is available separately and biodegradable in its own right.








The second image is of the same bag with different dried flower petals

- this one is our exclusive Cornflower Mix confetti.



Both types of confetti shown here can be purchased in bulk quantities meaning that together with the glassine bags they are great for larger weddings - check out our wholesale department for the largest pack sizes.







This bag shown left is the next size up at 115mm by 160mm and comes with a self adhesive strip. It's perfect for a few handfuls of petal confetti.


We sometimes use these bags for our dry helichrysum flower heads - they can hold ten.


Again, these glassine paper envelopes come in packs of 10 or 100.

self seal glassine bag small

Selection of little glassine envelopes

We also have larger sizes suitable for bigger items - A5 size and up - see our paper packaging department for the full range.

UK confetti petals and glassine bags are both mentioned in our British dried flowers showcase page.